Following the announcement of Sony's HDR-FX1E, Adobe will add support for the HDV format to Premiere Pro 1.5, the company said. No extra hardware is required, as HDV is captured over the same FireWire connection as standard DV, and standard deck control capabilities are available.

The plug-in will be made available as a free download later in the year.

HDV offers a choice of resolutions, include the progressive 1,280-x-720 (aka 720P) and the interlaced 1,440-x-1,080 (aka 1080i) but records using MPEG-2 compression onto standard miniDV tapes. As with DV, the format is aimed at consumers – it can play back on standard HDTV sets – but prosumer and professional models can also be built around it. Currently only two versions of the same HDV camera have been released: JVC’s HD1 and the XLR-audio enabled, pro-level HD10 variant. Both are aimed at the US market, though JVC Professional has been selling HD10s to digital filmmakers in the UK. The Sony HDR-FX1E is expected to ship in the UK in November.