Swiss-based Chrome Imaging has introduced a new line of post-production tools - Matrix, Matrix 3D particle system and Matrix Network Rendering. Matrix is a non-linear, resolution-independent compositing system for Windows NT. It offers tools for multi-layer compositing, painting and colour correction and matte extraction and 3D integration. Matrix features support for up to 35 different file formats including AVI, 3DS Max RLA, Maya IFF, Mental Ray, Softimage and QuickTime. Matrix is built around several modules. The Compose module is the core tool for digital artists and has a Flowgraph feature that illustrates the processes and effects used. A Flowgraph editor enables users to add and link process nodes in a logical order. The Paint module is where users can add painting strokes to footage, with a range of retouching and paint tools, as well as options for creating and retouching garbage mattes. Brush strokes applied to the clips can be animated here. A Track module gives the ability to track footage and reuse motion information to add special effects to a scene. Users can work with different types of trackers - single, double or four corners and can apply unlimited trackers onscreen. Finally a Render module generates the final media for further processing in an edit suite or directly for film or tape recording. The Matrix 3D particle system features three entities to control particles with the ability to animate any parameter. It also allows digital artists to share the same obstacles and actions with multiple emitters to create complex effects. The Matrix line also offers cross-platform network rendering. UK pricing for the products has yet to be announced.