AIST has launched what it is billing its newest high-end addition to its video family, MoviePack. eXtreme 4 is aimed at digital video creators needing to work in SD and HD formats, with eXtreme offering the ability to preview SD, HD, and film-resolution work in real-time. It also supports PAL and NTSC formats. Aimed at professional users, AIST says it is a complete solution for high-end compositing and finishing, with an integrated digital I/O provided by a 64-bit PCI card. The company says the product can conform and finish programmes in all common SD and HD formats, including ATSC, 1080P, 1080 I. It also supports Cineon and custom film formats, according to AIST. Included are tools for compositing, animation, and titling. More the 200 effects feature, including Motion Stabilizer, morphing and warping, and alpha masks. Also included are lighting and particle generators, plus multi-point motion-tracker. 3D effects include advanced keying and masking, says AIST, as well as a 3D titler. AIST eXtreme is available for Windows, and users can deploy the thousands of plug-ins available for the MoviePack range. It will ship in Q4, says AIST.