Following last month's moves by Apple to redefine the workstation space with its form-factor friendly G4 Cube, SGI has revealed its new computing paradym: the 'Brick'. SGI says the technology - called NUMAflex - is a modular, brick-style component that lets users create their own workstation on-the-fly. Brick components include the P-brick (PCI expansion), C-brick (CPU module), D-brick (disk expansion), I-brick (I/O module) and G-brick (InfiniteReality graphics). SGI says that new brick types will be added to the NUMAflex technology range, such as PCI-X and Infiniband, as they enter the market. NUMAflex will be marketed in the shape of a drawer-like module in a system that has a specific function and can be linked, says SGI, through its high-speed system interconnect, to other bricks, creating a workstation that could be targeted more accurately a 3D or digital video creation. The first systems from SGI to deploy the NUMAflex technology are the SGI Origin 3000 series of server and its Onyx 3000 visualization systems. SGI also revealed that Sony is to using the Origin 3400 server to demo its next-generation broadband services. "This truly is a milestone for the industry and SGI", Bob Bishop, chairman and CEO of SGI told Digit. "Not only does this new technology stand to change the way advanced computer systems are built and used, but its flexible, cost-effective design means that more complex problems than ever before can have access to the power of supercomputers."