RealNetworks has announced that it has settled the US lawsuit it brought against Streambox - a developer of broadband technologies that allow digital creatives to build and stream rich media to TVs and Internet-enabled devices - under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Under the settlement, Streambox will develop future products that will operate in conjunction with RealNetworks' copy protection features. Streambox has agreed to modify its Streambox Ripper product so that it no longer transcodes RealMedia streams into other formats, and will modify its Streambox VCR product so that it respects the copy protection feature in RealSystem. In return, RealNetworks provides Streambox with a SDK licence, so future versions of Streambox products that will respect RealNetworks' copy protection technology. As part of the settlement, Streambox also agreed to stop distributing the Streambox Ferret program, which altered the search functionality on RealNetworks' RealPlayer, and to pay RealNetworks an undisclosed sum of money. "We are pleased to be working with RealNetworks to put this behind us, and to bring the creative energies of our software developers together with the leading company in digital media distribution," said Bob Hildeman, CEO of Streambox. "Now we can focus on what we do best - developing cutting-edge streaming media products for the Internet."