Intergrated Web streaming, advanced effects and support for Storage Area Networking (SAN)-based workgroup non-linear editing are among the key, new features in the version 6.0 of edit* - Discreet DV editing system - launched at IBC 2000. edit* 6.0 includes a wide range of new features including support for DV/MPEG-2 editing; streaming features with the ability to publish video to target servers in a wide array of formats; advanced multicam support, improved effects and tighter integration with other Discreet products such as combustion, smoke and fire. The company has also broaden edit 6.0's video I/O capabilties with strategic support for Pinnacle's new Targa 3000 as well as Matrox DigiSuite series and DTV platforms. Also making their debut at the show were new versions of inferno and flame. Described by Discreet as the most pivotal releases since their introduction in 1993, the new versions - inferno 4 and flame 7 - feature Colour Warper - a software colour corrector for fast scene-to-scene colour matching and correction as well as the ability to warp RGB space to produce new effects. Also featuring in both releases are 2D/3D integration with 3D Studio Max, which allows animations to be imported and integrated into live action sequences. inferno 4 also includes a new 3D Tracker which lets the user follow an object's movement through a scene from a 3D camer-eye perspective while extracting original camera path and camera parameters and a Motion Estimation Timewarp module for precision control over camera speed. Discreet edit* 6.0 will cost approximately 5,000 UK pounds; no pricing has been announced yet for inferno and flame.