Avid has announced software-only versions of its Xpress DV and NewsCutter XP video- editing applications, allowing both tools to be used on a laptop for the first time. The company showed off prototype versions of the two pieces of software running on a laptop on its stand at the Amsterdam show. Xpress DV was only previously available as a workstation solution based around an IBM Intellistation. The new version will now be available for users of any brand of workstation or laptop running Windows 2000. NewsCutter XP is a cut-down version of Avid’s tool for broadcast news editing, which is designed to be used by reporters and plug into Avid’s other broadcast news products. Avid has licensed Canopus’ DV technology, allowing the two products to work with any standard (OHCI-compatible) DV capture card. The software-only version of Xpress DV will cost around £1,300. No price has currently been announced for NewsCutter XP.