Aside from its ultra-expensive broadcast offerings, Avid used IBC to jump on the Web streaming bandwagon. Xpress DV 1.5 has been announced, which adds many options for exporting streaming media, and the company has shown off e-Publisher in Europe for the first time. Version 1.5 of Avid’s Xpress DV editing workstation can now export via QuickTime to Terran’s Media Cleaner encoding software. The EZ version of the streaming encoder is included in Xpress DV 1.5, although it also works with the full Pro version. e-Publisher is a Web video and Web casting production studio. Running on Windows 98, and soon on NT and 2000, it allows pages combining streaming video and triggered HTML events to be created and encoded into RealVideo or Windows Media formats. QuickTime support is under development but has not been formally announced.