PHD has announced Spy-CD, a search engine creator for interactive media. The application allows the contents of CDs and DVDs to be catalogued in a fully text-searchable manner – as long as the materials are stored as Web pages or PDFs. The search engine is created using a database-builder wizard. The database is placed on the CD or DVD along with the media and a Java application. This tool runs within a browser window and controls the search in a manner familiar to anyone who has used a search engine. Spy-CD is available in three versions: Personal, Standard and Professional. The Personal licence costs £100 and allows 100 physical CDs or DVDs to be created, each with a 100 page limit. The Standard licence costs £500 and allows 250 physical CDs or DVDs to be created, with no limit on page size. This can be extended by further 500 CDs or DVDs with a £500 Runtime 500 extension. The Professional licence costs £2,000 and allows an unlimited number of CDs and DVDs to be created – although the license only lasts for a year.