The i has it for Media 100

Going beyond the iFinish idea of combining previously-owned technologies with a limited form of integration, Media 100 has announced Media 100 i – which adds a whole host of new functions to the Mac-based video production suite. iFinish bolted together the Finish video editing system and the recently-acquired Media Cleaner streaming media encoding tool from Terran. Media 100 i goes beyond this by adding a completely combined solution with tools to create interactive streamed content. The production suite has a central new technology – EventStream. This allows access to a wide range of external media from within a streamed broadcast – so markers in the timeline or hotspots on the media can trigger anything controlled by HTML. Included in this wide-ranging remit are Flash animations, Java applications, other video clips and graphics. Other features include metadata authoring for creating searchable video, separate graphics layering for higher-quality streaming and access to all of the interactivity features of each of the three main streaming formats: RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime. This sits alongside the standard Media 100 set of tools for broadcast-quality video. All of the previous options are still available, with support for input media from DV up to SDI. The new solution allows the creation of interactive video-based media from capture through video editing and interactive content authoring through to encoding and publishing to the Internet. Media 100 will be available in four versions, costing from around £2,300 upwards.

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