How The Chase, ustwo and ChauhanStudio redesigned and rebranded Tescos's hudl2 tablet

Tesco's hudl2 tablet has been unveiled, following a rebrand and redesign produced by the grocery giant together with a team of agencies and studios.

Tesco’s first own-brand tablet was launched in September 2013, selling 750,000 units. The new model is also based on the Android operating system and its enhanced technical specifications include an 8.3-inch Full HD screen, dual speakers with Dolby optimised audio and an Intel Atom quad-core processor.

Industrial design specialist ChauhanStudio, creative consultancy The Chase and digital product and design studio ustwo all collaborated on the revamp of the tablet.

The Chase led the development of new brand identity guidelines that included tone of voice direction, a broader colour palette and customised typeface. It also created several key design needs, including a suite of packaging for each hudl2 device colour option, associated accessory packaging design, store point-of-sale needs and an image gallery in association with photographers Matt Stuart and Maria Moore.

ChauhanStudio was responsible for working with the hudl team on industrial design. A key objective was to create a physical design that embodied hudl brand values, and begin development of a robust design DNA for all hudl devices and accessories. CMF (colour, material and finish) play a key role with the design of the device and accessories. A simple graphical layout is used to create an easily recognisable visual identity.

ustwo worked at both the app and operating system level on hudl2, to develop a simple, fun, family-centered software experience. From ‘My Tesco’, a gateway to Tesco’s retail and entertainment services, to a simple set of child safety tools that ensure young hudl users have a safe and productive time online, Ustwo worked with Tesco to constantly test every aspect of the proposition’s design with real customers.

“hudl2 is the result of an unprecedented degree of collaboration between the partner agencies and studios commissioned by Tesco and between Tesco and its partners,” said ustwo creative director David Mingay. “It was clear to us all from the outset that the experience of the product would define the brand, so we conducted research using people as the basis of our designs. We continued in that vein by subjecting our joint work to constant user testing. The end result is a joined up customer experience that expresses the hudl brand’s values in terms of both hardware and software.”

Aaron Lee, Head of Connected Products for Tesco said: “As a team we wanted hudl2 to be a significant step on from hudl1 in every conceivable way, and to do that we needed an edge. To connect so regularly, openly and collaboratively with a group of forward thinking creative teams has made all of the difference to a piece of work that we all care very deeply about getting just right for Tesco customers.“

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