The newly totally acronymized HP has launched its new spring line of products – and let slip that it will be seriously entering the digital camera arena this autumn. However, no more details about these plans for later on this year have been released at the present time. HP has released new lines of scanners, printers (both inkjet and laser), all-in-one stations, digital senders, CD-writers, and accessories and consumables. The new ScanJet 5300C, which replaces the 5200C, offers 1,200 dpi optical resolution (9,600 dpi enhanced), 36-bit colour and HP’s intelligent scanning technology to improve results. Scanned images can also be emailed, faxed or uploaded to Web sites at the touch of a button. The 5300C costs £199 (inc. VAT) and works with Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000 through USB and parallel interfaces. Printers for all On the colour inkjet front, the new A4 DeskJets 930C and 950C, costing £149 inc VAT and £199 inc VAT respectively, offer photo quality 2400x1200 dpi and parallel and USB connections for both Mac and PC. The 930C offers 9ppm (b/w) and 7.5ppm (colour), while the 950C delivers 11ppm (b/w) and 7.5ppm (colour). Higher up the market, HP has also announced the DeskJet 1220C. Printing at sizes up to A3+, the unit offers 11pm (b/w) and 9.5ppm (colour). Other specifications for the printer have not been released yet. Also announced was the £99 DeskJet 840C home printer. As well as inkjets, HP has added the LaserJet 3150 to its line of laser All-in-One printers. The new unit also includes capabilities for faxing, copying and scanning. Ease-of-use is designed to be its main selling point – and it includes such as e-dial, an email version of speed dial with up to 250 programmable email addresses. The printer outputs at up to 6ppm at 600dpi. A new series of All-in-One OfficeJets has also been released, starting at £399. They offer 12ppm at up to 2400dpi photo quality. Don’t burn paper but burn CDs Also announced by HP are indestructible photo paper and intelligent toner cartridges. However, completely fire-retardant and tear-proof printing materials will not become affordable in the UK for around five years and toner cartidges that automatically re-order themselves and are paid for are still a few years away. Lastly, the new Digital Sender 8100C allows documents to be scanned and then distributed automatically through a LAN or email system. The HP CD Writer Plus 8250i offers 4x write / 24x read for £139, and the 9210i gives 8X write / 32X read for £279. The 9210i also includes a SCSI interface.