HP has launched a Web site that allows consumers to download and personalise free online artwork from Barry Humphries, better known by his alter ego of Dame Edna Everage. The site is part of HP's global ‘What Do You Have To Say’ marketing campaign.

For the site Humphries produced a landscape image entitled London On Sea. The landscape merges his two favourite places, the beaches of Sydney, Australia and the metropolis of London, England.

"When approached by HP, I thought long and hard about what I had to say and then it occurred to me, I want to combine London and Sydney in the same place" said Barry Humphries, artist and creator of Dame Edna Everage. "It would certainly make my life a lot easier."

Dame Edna, in her first foray into the world of art, perhaps predictably, produced a self portrait.

"When HP asked what I had to say, it was immediately obvious – everyone should have more of me in their lives!" said Dame Edna Everage, comedienne, entertainer and newly celebrated artist. "I don’t mind what you do with me or where you put me as long as you print me out and love me!"

Visitors to the site will be able to modify the artworks to add their own take on the images. In what HP describes as 'an unprecedented agreement for an exhibited artist', users will be able to amend the image itself, adding special effects, shading and colour. And to finish the piece, users can select a border, mount and frame the image.

Users are also able to add a signature or message before they save, print or share their masterpiece.

The site can be found at www.hp.com/uk/barryhumphries.