Looking to capitalize on Hollywood's increasing taste for digital technology HP has agreed to supply services to two movie studios, DreamWorks and Warner Bros., in the areas of utility computing and film restoration, the company has announced.

HP will provide computing power for the animation work required for the upcoming DreamWorks movie Shrek 2, while, in a broader agreement, HP will work with Warner Bros. on digitally restoring movies and television films, the company said in separate statements.

The DreamWorks contract for utility computing extends an existing three-year relationship between the movie studio and HP. DreamWorks already uses HP servers but as part of the new agreement, the studio will access HP’s Utility Rendering Service (URS) on an as-needed basis.

As with rivals IBM and Sun, HP has been offering more utility computing services, allowing users to purchase IT resources much in the way they buy utilities such as water or electricity. According to HP, DreamWorks has already processed more than a half a million individual frames with URS, using its digital rendering process for adding colour, texture, lighting and special effects to scenes in Shrek 2, which will be released next month.

HP has shown increasing interest in the growth opportunities offered by the entertainment industry as Hollywood attempts to figure out just what role technology will play in creating, and more importantly, distributing its content such as movies and music.

In terms of the Warner Bros. deal, HP will work with the studio on developing and deploying new techniques for restoring and preserving film. The companies will also work together on promoting the restoration technologies and services as well as the newly restored and released films themselves, HP said.

Representatives from HP, DreamWorks and Warner Bros. could not immediately be reached for comment and financial terms of the two deals were not disclosed.