HP has launched the Z Workstation series, which are based around Intel's now officially launched 'Nehalem' Xeon processors.

HP says that the Z800, HP Z600 and HP Z400 Workstations are the culmination of more than 20 HP design innovations – including a self-checking power supply. The interior of the Z line offers a totally modular design, in which components slide neatly into place in a cable-less environment for optimal serviceability. On the outside, the Z line features a streamlined brushed-aluminium exterior inspired by automotive and industrial design house BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

"Opening the door of the new BMW Z4 and the side panel of the new HP Z Workstation reveals that both are as aesthetically powerful and innovative on the inside as they are on the outside," said Verena Kloos, president, BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

The new HP Z Workstations offer next-generation Intel Xeon processor 5500 series with integrated memory controllers and Intel Turbo Boost Technology along with a new lineup of professional graphics solutions, built-in high-definition audio and an option for solid-state drives.

The Z800 Workstation (above) is HP's most powerful and expandable workstation for users working with applications such as 3D animation and broadcast video. The HP Z800 is based around dual-chip Xeon 5500 chips and has an all-new brushed aluminium industrial design with the modular internal design. The quad-core HP Z800 taps the new Intel QuickPath Technology for much faster data throughput to and from the processors. It also comes with a liquid-cooling option.

The Z600 Workstation (below) is designed with the environment in mind -- according to HP -- offering high performance in a compact size for professionals in industries such as video production. It features the same brushed aluminium exterior, internal modular design and serviceability as the Z800.

The Z400 Workstation is an entry-level workstation based around the single-chip Xeon 3500 line. It's designed to offer Xeon performance at affordable prices for professionals working in video editing, photography, and design. The HP Z400 Workstation also comes with a liquid-cooling option.

HP says that the Z Workstation series is expected to be available worldwide from April 6. US pricing starts at $1,999 (around £1,415) for the Z800 Workstation; $1,679 (£1,185) for the Z600; and $969 (£685) Z400. We've requested UK pricing information and will update this story when it's released.