HP has launched 24- and 44-inch large format printers aimed at the professional photography and digital fine arts markets.

The Designjet Z2100 and Z3100 are both available in 24- and 44-inch versions and use the same pigment inks as HP's Photosmart Pro B9180 photo printer. The Z2100 uses an eight ink system with matte black and photo black inks for use with different paper stocks. The Z3100 has 12 inks, including four blacks/grays for creating neutral gray tones and a gloss optimizer for richer output.

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Both printers feature an embedded spectrophotometer, which is based on X-Rite

The Z2100 and Z3100 ship with the ProPrint plug-in for Photoshop, allowing swift printing of colour accurate images, and both are integrated with Adobe Lightroom's Calibrate printer button, according to HP. The company is offering the Advanced Profiling Solution, which allows users to create ICC profiles for specific lighting conditions or for non-HP papers.

The 24-inch Designjet Z2100 costs €2,700 (around £1,800), with the 44-inch version costing €5,700 (£3,815). The Designjet Z3100 costs €4,100 (£2,750) for the 24-inch model and €6,900 (£4,600) for the 44-inch version. The Z2100 models are available now, with the Z3100 to follow in December.