Artist Remi Rough is having is only UK solo show this year at Newcastle's Unit 44 gallery. Remi is part of the Agents of Change collective who created the UK's largest legal graffiti artwork opposite the newly refurbished King's Cross station in London, just down the road from Digital Arts home at IDG Towers.

How to Use Colour and Manipulate People opens June 22. It follows Remi's work using London hotel Boutique hotel as a canvas, along with four of his fellow Agents of Change.

Remi moved from the streets to the galleries with his debut art show in 1989 and has since gone on to exhibit in London, Paris, Perth, Tokyo, Santander, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Berlin, Ibiza and more cities dotted around the globe. He also took part in New York’s Underbelly Project in 2010. His work has also appeared in countless books and was featured in the award-winning ‘Ghost Village Project’. Remi was invited to speak in front of a sell-out auditorium at the Tate Modern, as part of its Street Art exhibition in 2008 and in 2009 he published his first book Lost Colours and Alibis.

His most recent works are a big departure from his earlier paintings, producing sculptural work reminiscent of Richard Serra.

"These new works made perfect sense to me," says Remi. "The idea of taking something into a third dimension is so obvious, yet so hard to achieve. The movements and lines within graffiti have blurred so much in the past decade I felt I needed to change the way I paint to adapt to change, I still feel that way everyday."

Remi and the Agents of Change's work opposite King's Cross station, London