How the stunning animated short film someone was created

"We then made an animatic, but the storyboard was never finished! The end kept changing all the time. The choreography of the film was also lots of fun. We didn't have the music we were expecting as our musicians -- two friends of ours -- were very late to deliver a proper piece I could work with.

Sketches showing the style of the piece.

"I had to start animating with some complete different songs -- I think it was a Bjork song from Medulla, and I also used some Mogwai. We got some piece of music after the end of the project, and we had to do the final sound edit ourselves.

"Jean was working on the rendering and lighting, while I was doing the animation. All the backgrounds are based on camera projections to get the '2D' rendering style we both like. The character is based on an SSS shader, and try to make it look 2D with this texture. We also painted some shadows in the deeps and lights on edges. We shared the work for the compositing and editing."

Background paintings used in the film.

DA: What was the biggest challenge you faced, and how did you overcome this?

MB: "Seriously, the hardest part was to put up with each other! It was just the two of us on this short, sharing its direction 50-50 -- and we're both very obstinate and don't always agree with each other. But in the end I think we both made the film we were thinking about. Of course, it's far from perfect, but, we couldn't spend any more time on it, we did our best with the time we had. The other big challenge was finding the end.

Stills from the final film.

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