Derivative has launched Touch 007, a set of creative tools aimed at visual DJs (VJs) and other multimedia artists. The company was set up by the co-founder of Side Effects Software, creator of high-end 3D suite Houdini – a technology that Touch 007 has been built from. The set includes three products – TouchDesigner, TouchPlayer and TouchMixer. TouchDesigner is the core creative application and includes a procedural node-based architecture that allows users to model objects and characters (with full texture and lighting controls) and create animations for them. Users can also create control panels for the objects to work with them in the field. Other features include on-screen beat cues, MIDI controls and native support for MP3 files. TouchPlayer is a free playout engine for materials created in TouchDesigner and includes a live interactive 3D engine. TouchMixer expands the functionality of the player by adding tools such as the ability to capture MIDI and mouse gestures into recorded sequences, edit sequences into QuickTime movies and customize downloaded artworks. Derivative has also built a community environment into its Web site, allowing VJs to share artworks and techniques as DJs share samples. Web distribution is automatically built into TouchDesigner. TouchDesigner costs $1,999. TouchMixer costs $199.