The video for The Hoosiers’ new release Goodbye Mr A sees the band assume the guise of comic book superheroes. Directed by HSI’s Diamond Dogs, Prime Focus London took care of pushing the video’s retro look through stylised grading and compositing.

After introducing the band members as their comic book superhero alter egos, the video shows us how their mortal selves have kidnapped the world’s real superhero – the eponymous Mr A – with a view to stealing his crown as global saviour. They keep Mr A securely tied-up whilst they hone they superhero skills.

Once they’ve transformed their campervan into a Batmobile and mastered the arts of finger-zapping, they rocket Mr A into the atmosphere and set about taking his place by saving cats for grannies and foiling bank robberies.

CAD award-winning telecine artist, George K, was briefed to create a filmic print look, using the original Adam Guest Batman series from the 60s and 70s as a guide reference. Similarly, VFX artist, Dan Lorenzini, was briefed to execute the Flame work in retro manner. Hence the tongue-in-cheek compositing on the flying sequences.

Dan’s other tasks included extensive wire and harness removal, adding sparks, fireworks and smoke to the rocket scenes, designing and animating in-screen VFX and placing live-action into inserts like the Time magazine cover. Dan carried the grading brief over into the Flame suite by adding scan lines and grain to push the video’s retro aesthetics.