CDs burned in the office can be of better quality than those pressed in a factory, according to Philips Electronics. The Dutch Electronics giant will unveil next week at CeBIT its Thermo Balanced Writing (TBW) technology, which optimizes the burn process and ensures the integrity of data written to CDs. "A self-burned disc can be of better quality than a factory-pressed one bought in a store," said Benno Tieke, senior scientist storage physics at Philips Research Laboratories. TBW consists of patented hardware and firmware developed by Philips in Hasselt, Belgium. The technology analyzes a blank disc when it's inserted and determines the optimal circumstances and burn speed based mainly on the typical heat profile during the write phase. "It's a self-learning process and the system will remember the best burning circumstances. In 95 per cent of the cases burning at the highest speed is possible, if there are problems the speed will be adjusted," Tieke said. "We are always looking to achieve the quickest burn rate possible." TBW will be included in all CD-R and CD-RW devices Philips manufactures, including those that it builds as an OEM. With the technology announcement, Philips will also introduce a 12x CD-RW drive.