Following its announcement of the highest capacity yet CompactFlash card, Hitachi has announced the development of a new high capacity MultiMediaCard (MMC) format memory card. The card, which will begin shipping in sample quantities in July in Japan, is capable of holding up to 64MB of data. The company also announced development of a 32MB MMC which will begin shipping commercially this month. The MMC format was introduced by SanDisk and Siemens in 1997 and has since been adopted by digital camera and MP3 music player manufacturers for use in their products. Both cards contain Hitachi 256Mbit flash memory chips and a Hitachi Super H RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) microprocessor. Read speed is 14Mbits per second (Mbps) while write speed is 3Mbps, the company said. Earlier this week Hitachi announced the development of a Compact Flash format memory card capable of storing 448MB of information and a PC Card format memory card with a capacity of 1GB. Pricing was not disclosed.