New York-based digital design firm hillmancurtis has made a short film on artist and designer Stefan Sagmeister's month-long residency at the Deitch gallery, chronicling his exhibition, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far.

The exhibition featured a variety of multi-format artworks – ranging from a message written in a wall of bananas to a blow-up monkey that expands and deflates. Each piece is a different 'life lesson', including: Money Does Not Make Me Happy; Assuming Is Stifling; My Dreams Have No Meaning; Everybody Thinks They Are Right; and Starting A Charity Is Surprisingly Easy.

In the film, Sagmeister talks about the exhibition, his motivations for it, and how he came to learn some of the lessons. Various eminent graphic designers are also seen at the exhibition, and interviewed on their reactions to it.

Milton Glaser is seen explaining why the piece Worrying Solves Nothing has particular resonance for him, Bob Gill describes Sagmeister as "very hot... talented, and also a nice person", while Debbie Millman describes the exhibition as "really riveting" and "wonderfully revealing".