Ultimate Technographics, which makes publishing and printing software, will demonstrate Mac OS X and Windows high-end printing solutions at the upcoming GraphExpo trade show, held in the US from October 6-9. The imposition solutions – Impostrip 6.7 and IMPress 3.2X – will be shipping on October 6 after previewing at the show, according to Mark Scott, Ultimate’s director of product marketing. Impostrip is software for client-server imposition. It ships with full plate, unlimited user and CIP 3 file-generation support. Impostrip supports PDF, and over 150 applications. With it, users can mix different PostScript and PDF page sizes with signatures on the same plate, Ultimate says. The software is cross-platform, supporting Windows as well as Macs. Pricing for Impostrip 6.7 is expected to be around £4,000 plus VAT. IMPress is an imposition tool for on-demand printers. It also supports over 150 applications, and purportedly works with all the latest digital presses, imagesetters, and high-speech photocopiers. The cross-platform solution lets users mix PostScript and PDF files onto the same plate. IMPress 3.2X for should be priced at about £1,000 plus VAT.