If you produce streaming media you may be worried about every other professional and their dog jumping on the bandwagon and reducing the UK’s bandwidth even further. Soon you’ll be vying for space with every family that ever wanted to create its own streaming video. US-based streaming host POPcast and BT will soon be offering stream-hosting facilities to customers of BTopenworld’s ADSL and BT Internet’s dial-up services. Using this you won’t need to travel to your relatives’ houses to be bored senseless by their holiday videos, they can now bore you in the comfort of your own home or office. Consumers use POPcast’s POPcaster to capture video from a Webcam or camcorder, perform basic edits on it, encode it for streaming and send it to the hosting server. For slightly more complicated production. POPcaster can also work with MovieMaker, Microsoft’s consumer-level editing application that ships free with Windows Me.