Hello & Co launches – with help from Crush

Formed from a merger between production companies Rock Fight and HKM, Hello & Co is the new boutique production company on the block, with an initial roster of eight directors.

Based in Los Angeles and specializing in ad production, the new company is headed by Ned Brown, Melissa Culligan and Carl Swan.

The merger was welcomed by senior figures within the company. “We have come so far over the years, this just seemed like a natural and smart next step: taking the best of two entities and making it one strong and concise company", says Michael Karbelnikoff, co-owner of HKM, Rock Fight and now Hello & CO.

“Clients know of our experience and quality work,” adds Ned Brown. “By bringing the two companies together we are putting ourselves in the best possible position to be more powerful and grow in the future".

To mark the Hello & Co launch, Canadian animation house Crush has made a short animation packed with little visual jokes and set to a samba-infused club track. In the video, villagers carry the two entities, Rock Fight and HKM, to a wizard, who transforms them both into the Hello & Co logo.

Click here to watch the animation.

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