Toronto-based animation studio Head Gear has completed three five-second spots in 3D as part of Milk Dots, its series of 100 five-second spots promoting milk.

The spots, which were created especially as trailers for screenings of Ice Age 3D and will be used for other 3D features, are Canada's first 3D ads. Each plays with 3D sensations in different ways: one features a falling character, one features a looming giant, and the third plunges the viewer down a character's throat and into their stomach.

"Getting a chance to break the two-dimensional plane was an awesome opportunity," says Julian Grey, Head Gear Animation partner and director. "Having the camera travel or things fly out at you is an absolute must – it really changes the way you think about narrative."

He adds: "No doubt this is a cool new way to capture the attention of your average popcorn-munching teen, which we were already doing with the random madness of the existing spots. These just take it to the next level.”

Watch the spots here.