A combination of firmware hacks and other tricks can allegedly extend the functionality of the £765 Canon EOS-300D digital SLR to close to that of the £1,190 Canon EOS-10D. The cameras are already identical in terms of image quality, but the EOS-10D has many features useful to professional and serious amateur photographers not found on the EOS-300D.

As reported on Slashdot.org, Canon implemented several software limitations on the EOS-300D to avoid damaging sales of the EOS-10D. A hack, posted on the www.bahneman.com/liem/photos/tricks/digital-rebel-tricks.html Web site purports to reveal a previously hidden menu, giving the user access to the extra functionality. The Web site claims that, combined with other tricks and tips also provided, the hack will add almost all the EOS-10D’s extra functionality to the EOS-300D.

The extra functionality includes an ISO 3200 setting, full-time AI servo focussing, mirror lock-up, flash exposure compensation, RAW+JPEG image recording and much, much more.

Digit couldn’t recommend anyone to take advantage of these hacks as they will almost definitely violate your camera’s warranty and the firmware updates will most likely contain bugs and issues.