DVD-based animation training specialists Digital-Tutors added another title to their collection, 'HDRI Workflow with Maya and Photoshop'. The new release contains more than two hours of interactive, project-based training on the basics of HDRI and image base lighting, with an emphasis on teaching digital artists practical workflows for creating HDR Images.

"HDRI and image-based lighting is a huge topic and learning the right methods is critical for the best results," said Chris Glick, Production Manager at Digital-Tutors.

Tutorials in the guide include: an overview of HDRI; understanding the properties of HDR images; using 32-bit colour space; 32-bit image vs. 8-bit image; bracketed camera exposures; using mirrored ball for environments; assembling multiple exposures into one HDR image; removing unwanted subjects from images; colour correcting and image enhancement; adjustment layers for image alterations; final gathering in Maya; reducing animation flickering; and rendering HDR images from mental ray.

The training is priced at $69.99 (approx. £35), and can be downloaded directly from the Web site. Modules can also be downloaded individually.