GridIron has reduced the price of its Nucleo Pro plug-in for After Effects from $495 (around £250) to $395 (£199).

The plug-in boosts the performance of Adobe's compositor when running on multi-core and multi-processor computers, adding background preview and output rendering over the standard Nucleo plug-in, which costs $149.95 (around £75).

GridIron has also released updates to both plug-ins. According to the company, version 1.0.3 of Nucleo Pro and 1.0.8 of Nucleo fix potential memory leaks, provide protection against hanging After Effects when closing the application on 64-bit Windows computers, and add the ability to render movies with frames numbers up to 99,999,999 frames.

The Nucleo update also fixes multiple-select deletions in the Nucleo Pro Cache Manager and a problem with shutting down After Effects while Spec Render was running.