Mac OS X users now have access to GraphicsDesk, an image browser by Hemera, a provider of royalty-free digital image content. GraphicsDesk lets you browse and subscribe to thousands of online images. Hemera’s new image collections are aimed at business professionals who need high-quality digital images for insertion into presentations, brochures, marketing materials, and Web sites, according to Marc-Antoine Benglia, the company’s president and chief product architect. The image collections include stock photos, Photo-Objects images, illustrations, and vector clip-art; they can be purchased on a subscription basis. GraphicsDesk includes two new image collections: the Business Essentials Collection and the Business Select Collection. The Business Essentials Collection provides unlimited access to over 75,000 images, and can be purchased for $19.95 (around £12.50) for a one-week subscription, or $99.95 (around £62) for a one-year subscription. The Business Select Collection – which includes finance, insurance and real estate images – includes unlimited access to over 5,000 handpicked images specific to these industries, Hemera says. Download the free GraphicsDesk image browser, however, and you get access to 100 free images. It also lets you browse all image collections before buying a subscription. Hemera has also announced that a new image collection, Hemera Photo-Objects 50,000 Volume III (on CD), is coming soon. It will be the company’s third collection of Photo-Objects images, bringing its total Photo-Objects image collection to over 150,000 images in three volumes. Photo-Objects Volume lll will offer royalty-free digital content in over 80 different themes. Volume lll for the Mac on CD will be available in April; DVD versions for both the Mac and Windows platforms are due in May.