Graphics that draw themselves

Synthetik has announced version 1.5 of its Studio Artist graphics synthesizer application. According to Synthetik, Studio Artist uses research results from "cognitive neuroscience investigations into the nature of visual perception in the brain" to work out what users want to do and perform the action for them. Studio Artist also includes keyframe timeline animation, allowing the application to be used as paint package for both static and animated graphics – as well as for video painting. Version 1.5 improves the animation and video tools, and adds a new core processing module and 3D paint lighting effects. All of the editable paramaters in Studio Artist can be automated over time via keyframe editing on an animation timeline – extending the range of the video effects included in the package. This can also be used in 2D graphics for complex fills and other such static effects. The new core processing module, the texture synthesizer, offers a wide range of resolution-independent visual effects. This is based around a texture generator with integral effects processing and extensive modulation capabilities. The 3D paint lighting effects allows users to specify the position of a lighting source for a canvas in 3D space. The way that the light reacts with textures on the canvas is also fully editable. Studio Artist 1.5 is a free upgrade for registered users of the product, and can ordered from Synthetik’s Web site. It will then be emailed to the user at a convenient time.

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