Matrox has announced its latest Windows graphics card, the Millennium G450. It supports many different output options, including DualHead dual-display technology, DVI digital video output and TV output. The G450 is based around the G450 2D/3D/DVD graphics chip and has 32MB of DDR memory on board. It uses an AGP 4X/2X connector and includes a 256-bit DualBus architecture and 360MHz primary UltraSharp RAMDAC. This gives it a maximum output resolution of 2,048-x-1536. The DualHead technology allows two monitors (or a monitor and TV set up) to be connected to the card without the need for an expensive dual-display card. DVI support allows a digital flat panel monitor to be directly connected to the card. The G450 ships in July and costs around £99 ESP. It is bundled with Picture Publisher 8, Simply 3D 3, a software DVD player and few game demos. Video editors using Matrox’s RT2000 editing solution, which is based around the G450’s predecessor, the G400, may be disappointed as the company has said that it has no plans to upgrade the solution to the new chip.