Graduate advice: AOI's Fig Taylor on great portfolios

Does size matter, is A5 too small, A2 too big, is there an ideal size?
A3 or A4 are both fine. A5 is definitely too small. Colour laser copies are fine but if you are getting large samples of work photographically reduced, make sure this is done professionally by someone who knows what they're doing and printed out on good quality stock. Nothing says amateur more than a bunch of cheap snapshots featuring work leaning up against the garden fence on an overcast day.

If you have several styles of work should you combine them in one portfolio or keep them separate?
If the style is similar and only the medium is different, I would say you could keep them in the same portfolio. If, however, the styles are vastly different and the clients using them likely to differ too, then separate folders are to be encouraged.

Finally, with online portfolios and blogs, do you think the days of the traditional portfolio are numbered?
Curiously, no. I still see significantly fewer digital presentations, although some illustrators might take me for a spin round their websites after a print presentation.

Obviously, if someone produces work for the web or does animation, they're more likely to favour a virtual approach -- but the majority of mainstream commissioners, magazine and book publishers, design companies, ad agencies and the gift industry, still commission primarily for print purposes. Consequently they still appreciate seeing and handling printed samples of work.

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