@Last Software has announced that it has been acquired by Google. The developer of the SketchUp 3D sketching software says that becoming part of the search engine giant won't ruin the product for design professionals, but it does want to introduce the product to a wider audience.

An email newsletter attributed to @Last founder Brad Schell says, "Google's reach will allow us to expose more people to SketchUp in one year than we could have touched in ten years on our own. '3D for Everyone' is becoming a reality; we're bringing the '3D' part; Google's contributing the 'Everyone'."

The newsletter can be here. The company has also created an 'Acquisition FAQ', which states that SketchUp will continue to be sold for $495 (around £285) and that the company has no plans to change the pricing model or release it for free (as most Google applications are available).