Dynamic Web site development with added ecommerce functionality is the target for Adobe’s release of GoLive 5.0, its Web-design package. Available in June for both Mac OS and Windows, the release will see support for streaming media and closer ties with other Adobe products, says the company. Although Digit has only seen an alpha version of GoLive, Adobe says that the final version will feature ecommerce functionality for building dynamic Web sites, plus intelligent handling of foreign and non-standard code. GoLive 5.0 can be extended using a JavaScript SDK. Team-focused tools will include WebDav for streamlining workflow, and built-in site diagramming tools for concept and structure planning. Adobe says GoLive 5.0 will get an enhanced interactive editor for drag-&-drop support of Flash and QuickTime streaming-media objects. Adobe is also touting its tight links with other Adobe products, with GoLive adding Smart Links for on-the-fly editing of native Photoshop, Illustrator and LiveMotion objects. Pricing has yet to be set.