Golden Square turns Girls Aloud into big-screen divas for The Promise

The hotly-anticipated new Girls Aloud video for The Promise sees the band members styled for a Sixties drive-in. Directed by Merge @ Crossroads’ Trudy Bellinger, the promo was posted by Golden Square who had just over three days to build an entire open-air movie theatre in Flame from studio elements.

The music video can be watched on YouTube here.

The video sees Girls Aloud pull up to a retro drive-in movie theatre to watch their own promo projected on the big screen. They delight in seeing themselves on the movie screen and re-enact their lines whilst watching from their open-top car. Meanwhile, the girls’ neighbouring car is, naturally, full of hunky lads and, inevitably, flirtation builds between the two parties.

Golden Square was responsible for building an open-air drive-in movie theatre from just raw studio footage of five cars. This was achieved by building a cinema screen in 3D and rendering it out for three different angles (side, front and top). Flame artist Fasa Oyiba then composited the screen into the studio footage and built an appropriate skyline with stars. He gave the scene added authenticity by shooting footage of miniature model cars from the same camera and angles and compositing these new and additional elements back into the edit.

Fasa’s other big challenge was in getting the black and white sub-video to look as though it was being projected onto the big screen. His solution was to shrink down and extrude the black and white footage with a radial blur to simulate the projected light beams. He also applied corresponding lighting across that action that takes place in the car area.

Oyibo says that the project " was a huge undertaking bearing in mind we only had three-and-a-half days to build the drive-in and sustain it for over four-minutes. But we made sure we did a lot of meetings in early pre production and this ensured smooth collaboration across the whole project."

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