Ghost 3D has released 3DS Max 8 plug-in versions for its line of 3D modelling, conversion, and digitizing. Ghost 3D’s Power Modeler Pack and Surf-iT offer a full suite of modelling tools providing 3D content creators and designers with the ability to create accurate 3D models simply using both 3D and 2D design and drawing techniques. Users can frame out complex surfaces quickly and accurately by drawing, refining and editing using Spline-based patches, convert to subdivision surfaces, editable subdivision polygon objects, NURMS, NURBS, mesh, and then export to popular file formats. Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack content can be used with most tools in the 3D production pipeline, says the company. Additional highlights include parametric drag-and-drop 3D-Spline objects, advanced surfacing, and loads of editing enhancements to quickly produce models with accurate 3D geometry.

Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack provide state-of-the-art 3D digitizing, reverse engineering and 3D modelling tools that enable users to create accurate 3D models and geometry from physical objects. ResErect offers unique Mesh, Patch, Primitive, and Spline conversion to optimized Splines, preservation of animation, rebuilding of the Splines, preparation for surfacing, and special import capability for Hash’s Animation Master patch-based models.

Pricing, availability, and upgrade policy can be obtained from Ghost 3D’s website at