Sure, we all think we look stunning when we sneak a peak in the mirror, but does the world really need more than one of our faces floating around? Twins my be able to get away with it naturally, but the rest of us would have to come up with some 3-D photo-realistic printing device that would create life-like masks. Oh wait, someone’s already done that leg work. Score.

A company called Real-F has combined photorealistic printing with 3D printing capabilities to create life-like reproductions of your face. Quick -- photocopy my face into a 3D photo-realistic nightmare of a mask!

Real-F takes a couple of photos from various angles, then molds vinyl chloride resin into the shape of your glorious mug. You have two purchase options: You can either purchase a mask in all of its photo-realistic glory, or you can buy a full head (we’ll let you decide which one it a little less narcissistic). The cost starts at $3,920 (£2,100) for the very first mask and $780 (£495) for additional replicas, and ranges up to to $5,875 (£3,725) dollars for the full head and $1,960 (£1,245) for copies of your dome.

There’s no real mention of who their primary market might be, and why someone would want to purchase a mask. So we’re going to leave you to your imagination on that one.

[Real-F (Japanese) via Wired Gadget Lab]