GenArts, provider of specialized visual effects software for the film, television and video industries, announced today a monthly licence rental option for its flagship GenArts Sapphire visual effects software for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. The program is designed to offer Sapphire’s entire suite of industry-leading visual effects plug-ins at an affordable cost of entry.

Available immediately, the Sapphire rental program is priced monthly at $169 for the full suite. Customers can prepay an unlimited number of months, and the minimum rental period is one month. Users can also apply up to two months of their rental fees as a credit toward the purchase of a permanent licence.

GenArts Sapphire provides more than 200 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects plug-ins. It has been used to create visual effects in numerous blockbuster and Oscar-nominated films including Titanic; I, Robot; Armageddon; Star Wars Episode I, II and III; The Matrix trilogy; The Lord of the Rings trilogy; Pearl Harbor; Spider and Man. Now, these high-quality visual effects are within reach of many independent filmmakers, freelancers, rental houses, videographers, and even students and hobbyists.

“Visual effects have become essential to the art of communicating and modern-day storytelling. Oscar-winning features such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button illustrate how the role of visual effects has evolved from pure action and fantasy sequences to becoming a core component of the story itself,” said Steve Bannerman, CMO of GenArts. “Sapphire is widely recognized as a mission-critical tool in the arsenal of many of the world’s best artists and editors, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer its capabilities to a significantly wider range of customers by dramatically lowering the cost of entry.”