Gelaskins' latest line of new iPad and iPad 2 stockers features artwork from illustrators and artists including eBoy, Camilla d'Errico, EMEK, Jeff Soto, Andy Gilmore and more. You get the artwork on both the back and front of your iPad, as stickers for its back and bezel are accompanied by Home screen wallpaper.

Each set costs $29.95 (a smidge over £19 currently). They are less than 1mm thick but offer scratch protection and still allow you to use your Smart Cover, according to Gelaskins.

Here's our pick of the new line. You can view the whole line of Gelaskins new iPad stickers here.

Andy Gilmore

Brian Viveros

Camilla d'Errico


Jeff Soto

We've also just noticed that Gelaskins sell a line based around an older generation of stickers from the age of collectables: Garbage Pail Kids, which annoyed the parents of tweenagers easily amused by grossness in the early 90s (like me). Last year, we featured an exhibition of artists reinventing Garbage Pail Kids cards for a new audience, and older folks getting a retro kick (again, like me).