If you're a gadget fan, you may think that your wrist can't join you in a tech love-in.

However, you'd be wrong. We've rounded up 15 of the most beautiful, fun, and impractical but high-tech timepiece designs we could find.

Tima by Julien Bergignat

The flexibility of e-paper led Julien Bergignat to dream up a single, slim band with a changing watch display.

This design would be perfect for anyone who gets high and mighty about telling time the old-fashioned way, but secretly prefers digital readouts to standard clock hands.

Timeless USB by Ondrej Vaclavik

Watches with built-in USB flash drives are commercially available, but I've yet to see one that improves on this concept by Ondrej Vaclavik.

Just attach the clasp, and no one will ever suspect that you're actually wearing a 1GB USB drive.

Ora by Alexandros Stasinopoulos

This complex system of tape measures and conveyor belts won't win any awards for convenience. It's more conversation piece than timepiece.

The Digital Wallet Watch by Rachel Eardley

In 2004, HP Laboratories dreamed up a handful of high-tech concept watches. Most of them look dated in the age of smartphones, but Rachel Eardley's Digital Wallet Watch still seems useful.

It would let you unlock doors, make wireless payments at stores, and access digital loyalty cards and coupons. I'd wear one just to get those wretched grocery discount cards off my keychain.