Gadgets: 10 best bets for tomorrow's Apple launch event


Games have been a big part of the iPod Touch's secret to success, and Apple hasn't been afraid to boast about it. If Apple's tablet is just a big iPod Touch, then what will set it apart from its counterpart other than a bigger screen? Will it be faster, have a better display or be able to handle more complex games? Will it still use a touch interface and an accelerometer as its primary controls, or something else? What will gaming on the rumored tablet look like?

iPhone OS 4.0

Around March of last year Apple gave us a sneak peek at iPhone OS 3.0. Some Apple-watchers expect the company to announce or at least hint at iPhone OS 4.0 on Wednesday.

There's very little noise about what new features the latest version of the iPhone operating system would have, but popular speculation points to a user interface tweak and the perennial hope the iPhone will finally run applications in the background.

iTunes in the Sky

Apple usually updates iTunes in September, but some rumblings are that Apple is getting set to launch a Web-based version of iTunes. Last month, the online music streaming service, and this acquisition makes sense if Apple's strategy is to bring iTunes to the cloud.

If Apple bought Lala for its technology, then the company might need more time than a month to build a Web-based iTunes around it. But maybe the company snapped up Lala to avoid potential lawsuits.

A Web-based iTunes would be nice to see, but this particular Apple event may be a little too early in the calendar year to warrant an iTunes refresh.

iLife 2010

It may not be the right time for a new iTunes, but it is the season for iLife. Last January, Apple unveiled a new version of iPhoto with facial recognition features, as well as minor tweaks stability fixes for the rest of the iLife suite.

So what would new features could Apple introduce to iLife? Considering the paint splotches on the invite to Apple's Wednesday event, will Cupertino unveil a new drawing or painting application to the iLife suite?

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