Noise Industries has released the 1.0.5 update to its FxFactory set of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Motion, adding support for the recently-released FCP 6 and Motion 3.

The update also adds 18 plug-ins across the various versions of the software. The FxFactory Pro Pack gains LED Lights, Dots, Polka Dots, Frame Overlay, Slideshow, Particle System, and Dots Pattern. The FxFactory Motion Pack adds Glitch, 3D Shatter, Panel Vision, and RGB Trails.

FxFactory 1.0.5 adds FCheshire Fade, Explode Away, Panels Mix Off, Spinner, and Zipper to the FxFactory Editing Pack – and Volumetrix Glow and Zoom Wipe Transitions to the Volumetrix.

Dozens of built-in presets are added to FCP and Motion in the update, as is the ability to share parameter settings among different hosts.

FxFactory is a collection of FxPlug-format plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Motion that offers the ability to create and customize your own filters. The FxFactory Motion Pack and Editing Pack includes 35 and 36 plug-ins respectively and costs $99 (around £50) each. The FxFactory Pro Pack includes both of these and more -- for a total of 135 filters -- for $399 (£200). Volumentrix costs $49 (£24.80).