Noise Industries has released version 2.0.7 of its FxFactory Pro plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Studio. The company says that the update brings major performance enhancements to the blur and glow categories as well as three new plug-ins; PDF Animator, Perlin Noise generator and Alpha Merger.

There have also been new and updated plug-ins announced by other companies that use the FxFactory engine, including Sugarfx, DVShade, Idustrial Revolution and Yanobox.

FxFactory Pro 2.0.7 adds the PDF Animator filter. This is based on the same user interface as the free Pan and Zoom plug-in, PDF Animator lets users animate PDF graphics, preserving the sharpness of vector graphics at any zoom level.

Alpha Merger lets users assign alpha information to a clip by importing it from a secondary source. For example, Alpha Merger lets users combine a first clip containing only colour information, with a second clip containing a grayscale representation of the alpha channel.

Perlin Noise is a GPU-accelerated generator of the Perlin Noise algorithm.The output of the Perlin Noise plug-in can be combined with other effects to simulate a variety of natural phenomena.

As well as the performance boost. the update also allows users to backup existing licenses as well as transfer them easily over the network.

FxFactory Pro is available today for US$399 (around £250).

Sweet as candy

Sugarfx has released two new plug-in FxPacks: Radial Wave and H.U.D. (Heads Up Display). The Radial Wave plug-in is a hypnotic animation effect that ships with 14 professionally designed presets. The new plug-in also includes extensive controls for those visual effects artists who want to push the creation boundaries of their designs.

The H.U.D. FxPack is a stylization plug-in that alters video so that it looks as though the viewer is looking through an old camera, a high-powered rifle scope and other technology gadgets.

The Sugarfx Radial Wave and H.U.D. FxPacks are available today for $69 (£43) and $79 (50).

Easy on the eye

EasyLooks 2.5 gains a new rendering pipeline for fast, high-quality renders. A brand new 3-way colour corrector, new gradient overlay controls and a vignette effect add tremendous compositing capabilities for minimal dollars. is a free upgrade for all existing EasyLooks 2.x customers.

Idustrial Revolution's Volumetrix 2.0 adds brand new rays, glows, distortions and glints to the volumetric light-spill plug-ins for Final Cut Studio.

Yanobox Motype 1.2 including drop shadow on characters and 10 professional new titling presets to the titling plug-in.

EasyLooks 2.5, Volumetrix 2.0 and Motype 1.2 are all free upgrades for current owners of plug-ins.