Noise Industries has released an update for its FxFactory plug-in system for Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion that allows the plug-ins to be used inside the Mac OS X version of Adobe After Effects CS3.

The company says that no product activations or separate purchases are needed, and users will be able to use all plug-in packages for which they have already purchased a registration code – as well as freebies – inside After Effects.

The initial After Effects- compatible release of FxFactory supports all filters and generators at 8-bit and 16-bit precision (actual bit depth used for rendering depends on the capabilities of individual plug-ins.)

Plug-ins running inside After Effects also maintain full compatibility with parameter presets created in other hosts: a preset created in After Effects can be loaded inside Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express (and vice-versa).

New – and exclusive to the After Effects release – some FxFactory plug-ins sport a new Anti-aliasing parameter that lets you take advantage of hardware-accelerated anti-aliasing methods to generate a smoother output image:

Because After Effects does not support generators natively, FxFactory generators are available under the Effects menu and must be applied to an existing layer. All generators sport a new parameter named “Composite on Original” that lets users control whether the output of the generator should be composited over the original layer. When this option is off, the output of the generator is composited over transparent black:

New under the NI Blur category is an FxFactory Pro filter called Blur Two Axes that lets you apply a directional blur over two arbitrary axes. The plug-in uses the X and Y axes by default, but allows you to define each axis independently, via angle parameters.

Blur Dissolve is newest transition in FxFactory Pro (available under the NI Transitions category inside Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express), which combines a directional and/or gaussian blur with an exposure shift, generating various popular looks with minimal parameter adjustments.