Noise Industries has released FxFactory 2.0. FxFactory is an extensive 2D / 3D compositing and effects plug-in environment offering over 200 GPU accelerated filters that have been developed for the Apple FxPlug architecture.

FxFactory 2.0 adds a slew of organic and temporal based filters that Noise Industries says enable users to push the limits of effects production; delivering that unique or realistic look with stunning image quality and outstanding results. FxFactory 2.0 also optimizes core processes and workflows; support for latest OS (Leopard), field-based rendering, and improved contextual controls.

There are 52 new FxFactory plug-ins in version 2.0, bringing the total to 122 filters, generators, and transitions. These include Random Crop -- which repeatedly crops the image according to a given range and speed, to generate a smooth animation -- and Light Streaks -- which animates light streaks originating from a given luminance range in the original image. Heat simulates both the distortion and color adjustments caused when light passes through a hot gas. Ideal for text treatments. Artist Sketch generates a stylized version of the original image which simulates a black & white artist sketch

The plug-in set features a redesigned plug-in management interface, which provides plug-in previews and the ability to search for specific plug-ins within an FxPack. There an improved contextual parameter interface -- parameters are disabled and/or hidden when they are not relevant to the current parameter configuration, making the plug-ins even more intuitive to use.

The Perspective Reflection and Video Conference filters have been improved, while many plugins now incorporate a technique that may double the rendering speed and reduce filtering artifacts when working with interlaced footage. Support for Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' and Final Cut Express 4 has been added

FxFactory Pro 2.0 costs $399 ($192). FxFactory Pro 1.0 customers can upgrade for a reduced price of $129 (£62)