Eyeon Software has finally released the next version of the company’s flagship compositing software. Fusion 5, which was announced last summer, has gained a full 3D workspace – and more – and lost the Digital part of its name.

The display views have been rewritten to be fully OpenGL accelerated in order to support the new 3D environment to be introduced by Fusion 5. The 3D environment allows users to move 2D image planes around in 3D. It also supports geometry, meaning that particles, text and primitives can exist in the same 3D environment as your images. A native camera will allow the import of camera paths from most 3D applications and trackers the company claims.

Eyeon has improved Digital Fusion’s Flow, as the company calls its node-based compositing system. A ‘find tools’ dialogue is now included and a Flow Navigator simplifies moving around large flowcharts. Also included are optional direct pipes between tools and masks and their connections are now visible on the flow.

The composition is now saved as an ASCII file, making it possible to edit without having to open it in Fusion, meaning that those familiar with DFScript can work directly on the script file. Eyeon also claims that any scripting language can be used to manipulate Fusion.

Fusion 5 also boasts a number of masking improvements and the addition of b-spline to Bezier curves, which offers more flexibility in the construction and manipulation of polylines.

Eyeon is currently running a special offer allowing owners of Digital Fusion 4 to upgrade to Fusion 5 for £305. The full product costs £2,650 plus VAT.