Macromedia has announced ColdFusion Server 5.0, the first major upgrade to the dynamic Web development application since original developer Allaire merged with the Flash creator. ColdFusion Server 5.0 includes new versions of both the application server and the development environment. It will include support for User Defined Functions, streamlined security configuration, a charting engine support for Crystal Reports 8.0 and enhanced Verity K2 full search. Server performance has been enhanced to allow query of Queries designed to reduce database overhead or join queries from multiple data sources. Improved page delivery response time to users and Wire protocol database drivers support has also been added. Application monitoring has been enhanced with customisable alerts and recovery, and in-depth server log analysis. New tags will be supported such as CFSQL, CFLOG and CFScript to improve flexibility and improve customisation for unique business requirements. The server also supports Macromedia Flash Generator. Cold Fusion Server 5 will ship on June 8.