Fujitsu readies Transmeta-based notebook PCs

Fujitsu has become the latest Japanese computer manufacturer to announce plans to incorporate startup Transmeta’s new Crusoe microprocessors in notebook PCs. Fujitsu will use the 533MHz version of Transmeta's TM5400 Crusoe processor in two new series of notebook PCs, the company said in a statement. The Transmeta chip, which boasts low power consumption as one of its main benefits, will power two new models in Fujitsu's Loox S-series and two in the Loox T-series. They will boast a battery life of up to 8 hours thanks to the incorporation of the new processor, Fujitsu said Additionally, the new models will feature 128MB of main memory, a 10GB hard drive and built-in adapters that allow them to connect to the Internet through DDI Pocket's PHS (personal handyphone system) wireless network at 64kbps. Equipped with an 8.8-inch TFT (thin film transistor) LCD capable of displaying Wide XGA (1,024-x-512 pixels) resolution, the Loox S-series devices weigh 980g and have an A5 (243-x-151mm) footprint. Fujitsu is positioning the Loox S-series as a mobile communications tool. The Loox T-series, meanwhile, will be positioned as mobile multimedia computers, and feature a larger 10-inch display capable of Wide SXGA (1,280-by-600 pixels) resolution as well as a built-in DVD-ROM drive. Fujitsu is the second Japanese notebook manufacturer this month to announce it will use Crusoe chips in some of its products. Earlier in September Sony announced plans to use the chip in a new device to be released in October.

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